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   Feb 19

How to Naturally Reverse Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

reverse hair lossThere are tons of hair loss products on the market, but how can you naturally reverse hair loss or thinning hair? 
For some people hair loss is inevitable…meaning genetic. Your grandpa is bald, your dad is bald, maybe your mother’s father is bald…and well, now it’s your turn. In these cases you can slow down the progression of hair loss with what toxins you choose to put in or withhold from your body, and following the steps below. 
On the other hand, there are those of us who all of a sudden have severe hair loss – possibly that lasts over time. But, a case where it’s not normal and unexpected. I would fall into this category, boohoo!! Orrr maybe that’s a hooray…because as I mentioned before it CAN be reversed. 
Here is what I found. I was on a small dose of a strong medication for migraine prevention, which after some time caused major hair loss. I’m talking handfuls of hair in the shower. I had a TON of thick, brown, Middle-Eastern hair…so at first it wasn’t alarming. In fact, I passed it off as a “phase.” I’m not one to constantly brush my hair throughout the day (I really don’t find it necessary), but I noticed when I did…again CHUNKS. My hair was showing up on everything. I was like a shedding Retriever. Ewwww. But really, NOT COOL. 
About a year later, I had half the amount of hair on my head as I did the year before. Shocking? Yes. Trust me, I was almost in tears. My long, beautiful, shiny hair was BLAH and thin. So what did I do? 
Several things that I feel all of us who show these signs can do. For one, I re-evaluated the medication. Since I changed my lifestyle to only whole food eating and cut out all artificial “things” I knew this was the last bit that had to go. I started weaning off the medication slowly. Please consult with your personal physician if at any point you choose to take yourself off a medication. It requires close monitoring. 
Coconut oil. I started putting coconut oil through my hair every day. In the mornings, I’d rinse the oil out…and put more in after a shower. Every few days, massaging the oil into my scalp. As well as, making sure to massage the scalp in the shower, which stimulates the follicles.
Hair detox. Basically, this means ridding your hair of all toxins from commercial shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products. This may take a while, but will be worth it. And you will want to avoid all commercial products as they do more damage than good. The coconut oil has become my BFF, however, I’ve found raw apple cider vinegar and baking soda is a good choice in place of shampoo. I was used to washing my hair everyday before, sometimes twice a day with nasty commercial shampoos and conditioners. No wonder our hair is so dull and we feel the need to dye it all the time. By avoiding these products, my hair stays fresh and clean for three days :-). Crunchy huh? And I promise there is no stink! In fact, it smells very coconuty. Remember, you will still rinse with oil in between a cleanse like baking soda. 
Nutrients!! What I found was my medication put my body in a state of “induced Alopecia” and I was just nutritionally deficient. MAJORLY deficient. I recommend an Organic Biotin without any additives (check the ingredient label), and either supplementing or making sure there’s dietary intake of foods rich in Zinc, Selenium, Chromium, and Folate. These all play a role in healthy, strong, and beautiful hair. 
Homemade Hair Growth. Chamomile and Rosemary have been linked to making hair strong and grow faster. What you can do is steep Organic Chamomile tea in hot filtered water, let cool, and add a drop or two of Rosemary Essential Oils. Mix it up and pour into spray bottle, apply daily or as often as you’d like. 
At my last appointment, my hair stylist said the top portion of my hair was growing in much thicker…so I’d say I’m on the right track.
Happy growing!

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